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ed??ict in its development due to the great uncertainty r??egarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the world economic?? and trade environment." The premier praised the Ch??inese people for building a "Great Wall of solidarity?? against the epidemic" but said the country's "succes??s has come at a great price." The economy contracted ??6.8 percent in the first quarter of 2020 from a r

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ily life and work ha??ve been greatly affected. However, life is invaluable??. This is a price we must pay and a price worth payin??g." He added that fiscal policy will be more proacti??ve and monetary policy more flexible this year. Chin??a-U.S. trade Li said China remained committed to op??ening its doors to the outside world in a complex int??ernational environment and would continue to work wit??h the United States to implement the first phase of t??he economic and trade agreement between the two count??ries. The premier added that efforts to complete the?? Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership would co??ntinue and free trade negotiations with Japan, South ??Korea and other countries would be advanced. He also?? said the negative list for foreign investment will b??e "significantly shortened" and some new measures wouv

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y of ??international trade. Hong Kong and na8

tional security?? Li confirmed "sound legal systems and enforcement m??echanisms for safeguarding national security" would b??e established in the Hong Kong and Macao special admi??nistrative regions and stressed that the "One Country??, Two Systems" policy would be "fully and faithfully"?? implemented. A draft decision on establishing and i??mproving the legal system and enforcement mechanisms ??for HKSAR has been submitted to China's national legi??slature for deliberation. The premier added that the?? government will "resolutely oppose and deter any sep??aratist activities seeking 'Taiwan independence'," an??d pledged to continue to take measures to encourage c??ross-Straits exchanges and cooperation. He said com??patriots in Taiwan would be encouraged to "join us in?? opposing 'Taiwan independence' and promoting China's?? reunification." Business and job support Li empha??sized the government would do its utmost to support e??nterprises, stressing that micro, small and medium bu??sinesses were in particular need of w